Exploration of ATB

ATB workshops are for people interested in personal growth, as well as teachers and other practitioners 

 Workshops are offered in different locations for diverse groups

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In this two-day workshop participants will have their first contact with the basis of Awareness Through the Body.

The themes to be explored are:

  • Attention and Concentration: Exercises to direct and focus attention, and to build up the capacity for concentration.

  • Theoretical and practical exploration to come in contact with the different planes of the being.

  • Breathing: Activities to develop awareness of the breath and how breath affects the different parts of the being.

  • Relaxation: Exercises to enhance the capacity to consciously enter physical, emotional and mental relaxation.

  • Plates: Introspective exercise that leads the participants to experience the existence of an inner and outer space and helps them to be present in both simultaneously


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  ATB 3


    In this three-day workshop participants explore the principles of ATB and their practical applications

    They are offered an introduction on how to guide an ATB class and how to organise an ATB  program, building it up in such a way as to address the needs  of individuals of a group and as well as the group itself

   :Following are the themes that will be worked on    

  • Structure Settings: Landscapes constructed with various elements which offer the possibility for self exploration and self knowledge. The participants move through these landscapes walking, on all fours, slithering and climbing over ladders, planks, chairs, stools, etc. The activity requires from the participants an awareness of their own physical boundaries and the physical boundaries of the others.

  • Sticks: Group activity in which the individuals throw and catch bamboo sticks simultaneously. The activity helps to develop the capacity for being in the present moment, it improves the use of the peripheral vision and increases the sense of rhythm.

  • Physical structure exploration: new exercises to deepen the awareness and conscious control of contraction and relaxation in the body.

  • Partial exploration of the 'Water' element to be able to sense the effects of this element on the different parts of the being


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    ATB 4 and ATB 5


    These workshops last four days each and build on the information         acquired in the Basic workshops. The new themes explored                     require deeper introspection and bring a more profound contact with     oneself and the world around. They help to go deeper into ATB,               integrating it further.


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   ATB 2

   This three-day workshop has two main objectives:

  • To refresh, deepen and better integrate the basis of ATB explored during the introductory workshop (ATB – 1)

  • To invite participants to explore the following new themes:

    • Sensory awareness with exercises that help to open and refine the senses, allowing the participant to observe the effect they have on the different parts of the being.

    • Exploration of emotions with exercises that offer the opportunity to acknowledge various emotions, noticing the effects that each of them has at the physical level, and helping to develop the ¨witness attitude¨.

    • Collective games: a way to explore group dynamics and the influence of the individual over the group and the group over the individual.

    • Physical structure awareness with exercises that help to develop awareness and conscious control of contraction and relaxation in the body.

    • Awareness of Form exploration that leads to experience how the form the body takes entails a different perception of oneself and calls in the being different qualities or attributes.


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  Basic Tools of ATB 

    During this one-day workshop, we address the very basics of ATB.               We focus the exploration on how to implement ATB at kindergarten age       through games and fun activities.

    It is important to have in mind that many of these activities are very             useful to initiate people of whatever age to ATB.



    At kindergarten age ATB aims that the children develop the following:

  • Listening for meaning 

  • Self control 

  • Focus and capacity for being present: ability to notice  

  • Alertness of the senses: ability to notice  

  • Freedom and fluidity of movement

    • Stimulate bodily awareness by empowering the kinaesthetic sense and  playing with gravity and balance

    • Develop body awareness: differentiation and refinement of movement, coordination.

    • Stimulate the different muscular chains of the body.

    • Develop breath awareness.

    • Develop body image, work on laterality and teach the parts of the body their location, name and use.

  • Social skills – awareness of oneself and the others. 

  • Respectful and sensitive body contact with peers. 

  • A healthy self image.

  • Trust.

  • A sense of respect and responsibility within the capacity of the children.

  • Subjective memories for relaxation and tonicity.

  • Imagination and creativity.

  • Curiosity and sense of discovery.


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   Tailor-made sessions and workshops   
Tailor-made ATB workshops are conducted for different groups based on different needs. 
We have conducted workshops for the following groups:
Therapists, Corporates, Architects, Children/youth, other practioners (like Yogasana, Tai Chi, etc).


These workshops can be organised in Auroville, or at other locations at the convenience of the group. 

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