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 A Space for deeper contact with oneself and the world around

ATB2 (3 days)


Refresh & deepen your ATB exploration with new themes.

Sensory Awareness

Activities to develop an awareness of breathing, and its effect on the being. ​


Exploration of Emotions

Exercises that offer an opportunity to acknowledge various emotions, and their effect on the physical level; developing the "witness attitude".


Collective Games

A way to explore group dynamics and the influence of an individual over a group, or a group over an individual.

Physical Awareness

Exercises that help develop awareness and conscious control of contraction and relaxation in the body.

Awareness of Form

Explorations that allow one to experience how the form of the body entails a different perception to one's qualities and attributes.

* To participate in any subsequent workshops, prior participation in the ATB1 introductory workshop is required.
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