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 Awareness of the
inner and outer spaces


3 days of exploring the principles of ATB and its practical applications.

Participants are introduced on how to guide and organise ATB classes and programs - in a way that addresses the needs of the both the individual & the group.

Some explorations in this module...


STICKS: A group activity in which individuals throw and catch bamboo sticks simultaneously. The activity helps to develop the capacity of being in the present moment, improves peripheral vision and increases one's sense of rhythm.                                                                                   

STRUCTURE SETTING: Landscapes constructed with various elements that offer an opportunity for self  exploration and self knowledge. The participants move through landscapes walking, on all fours, slithering and climbing over ladders, planks, chairs, stools, foams, etc. The activities require an awareness of one's own and others physical boundaries.


PHYSICAL STRUCTURE EXPLORATION: Exercises to deepen the awareness and conscious control of contraction and relaxation in the body.


WATER & EARTH: Partial explorations into the influence of these elements on the different planes of the being.

* To participate in this workshop, prior participation in the workshops ATB1 and ATB2 are required.
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