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 A Space for deeper contact with oneself and the world around


Three days :

Refresh, deepen and integrate ATB exploration with new themes:














  • Sensory Awareness: Explorations aimed at opening and refining the senses, allow participants to observe its effect on the consciousness.

  • Exploration of Emotions: Exercises that offer an opportunity to acknowledge various emotions, and their effect on the physical level; developing the "witness attitude".

  • Collective Games: A way to explore group dynamics and the influence of an individual over a group, or a group over an individual.

  • Physical Awareness:  Exercises that help develop awareness and conscious control of contraction and relaxation in the body.

  • Awareness of Form: Explorations that allow one to experience how the form of the body entails a different perception to one's qualities and attributes.











To participate in this workshop, prior participation in the ATB1 introductory workshop is required.

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